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Astrology Readings Help You Better Know Your Inner Self

Destiny has always been a mystery since the beginning of time. Many centuries ago the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Mayans, they already tried to decipher how it determines our lives. And they created Astrology: The science of studying how planets moving across the celestial sphere affect peoples' lives.

Have you ever wondered about your fate? If that's the case keep reading: You may need a birth chart – also known as natal chart.

Astrology charts need to be addressed properly, of course, and when well interpreted they help you raise awareness about your strengths and weaknesses, find your natural gifts, discover your path to success and things of that nature.

They can identify patterns in your life which might not be beneficial for your well-being in the long run.

Astrologer with a telescope

But not only that. With Astrology readings you are invited to think about how good you are at relationships of any kind in your life, learn about compatibility with your partner, analyse someone's personality, or even forecast your business' future.

Remember, nobody is an island. Relationship synastry charts and composite charts come to the rescue to explain how human beings interact among themselves.

Synastry charts combine two peoples' birth charts in an overlaid way with the purpose to analyze their relationship and see how compatible they are. On the other hand, a composite chart is a different technique by which the two persons’ birth charts are merged into a new one.

About (beta version)

This free online app calculates object positions, aspects, planet positions, an automatic(ish) interpretation of your natal chart, and also provides a few tips on how compatible you are with any other person; however it is just a tool, and as such it’s recommended to seek advice from a professional astrologer in order to get an accurate, detailed explanation of it.

What Is a Natal Birth Chart?

In a nutshell, it is a screenshot of the sky at the moment you were born, displaying the exact positions of the Sun ☉, the Moon ☽ and our Solar System's planets

  • Mercury ☿
  • Venus ♀
  • Mars ♂
  • Jupiter ♃
  • Saturn ♄
  • Uranus ♅
  • Neptune ♆
  • Pluto ♇

while moving along the 12 zodiac houses:

  1. Aries ♈
  2. Taurus ♉
  3. Gemini ♊
  4. Cancer ♋
  5. Leo ♌
  6. Virgo ♍
  7. Libra ♎
  8. Scorpio ♏
  9. Sagittarius ♐
  10. Capricorn ♑
  11. Aquarius ♒
  12. Pisces ♓

As you can see, the astrological symbols of the planets and the zodiac houses numbers are described above so you get familiar with them. This way you’ll be in a position to better understand your birth report when explained a particular interpretation.

A birth chart is the sky in a nutshell, literally.

The only thing you need in order to calculate your natal chart is the date and time of your birth as well as the city or town where you were born. The main idea is that a particular planet will define a certain aspect of your personality when present in this or that zodiac house.

Astrologer with a telescope